Does Groupon lead to Socialism?!?

Recently, the Hartford Advocate featured commentary where it was suggested sites such as Groupon, SaveNowCt, or Daily Deals are “fostering a mindset of dependency and entitlement.” The author compared them to government “entitlement” programs such as unemployment compensation and medicare. Whew! And I thought they were just a cool promotion method, not a descent into socialism!

I understand these programs aren’t directly lucrative to the featured retailer – the sites keep up to ½ of the discounted “deal price” – but what’s the value of the attention they bring to your store or service? I look for the “deal” of the day – and while Hartford Belle Cruises, one of our clients, has been operating in Hartford for 4 years now, it was only when my sister saw their SaveNowCt deal earlier this summer that she called me to say, “Hey, let’s take a river cruise! That looks fun.” And no, she wasn’t aware TagTeam works with Hartford Belle! Vanessa