As an addition to TagTeam’s website, we are beginning an online diary. We plan to offer marketing tips, comments, and excerpts from recent publications.

Mark Zurzola and James Gomes, 20-year veterans of the media industry and the two principals of TagTeam, will be providing the marketing expertise. Mark and James have worked in tv and radio both as producers, sales managers, and directors.

I (Vanessa Gruden), TagTeam’s nonprofit specialist and de facto head writer, will be providing comments! My experience is more of a marketing end-user; I love to shop, appreciate clever advertising, but I’m an often cranky consumer. Between the three of us, you’ll be hearing opinions from opposite sides of the court. We hope you’ll find our blog, interesting, thought-provoking, and helpful!

Mark’s tips on becoming a leader in your industry:

  1. Identify what you do best, and focus on these core strengths.
  2. Be willing and able to take risks.
  3. Know your competition and strive to stay ahead.
  4. Consistently think outside the box and look for innovative ways to remain unique within your industry.
  5. Understand and adjust to trends in your market and always be hungry to grow and change.
  6. Commit to an annual marketing plan and stick with it.

Becoming # 1 in your market takes focus, innovative thinking, and a commitment to a strategic plan.